Guest Posting

We’re always looking for guest bloggers who have lots of Personal Finance experience and knowledge to back up your writing. If you can deliver easy-to-understand advice that is authoritative and extremely useful, we are looking for you!

Guest Post Writing Requirements:

  1. Article must be relevant to one of the categories on the site
  2. Submission must be informative useful and comprehensive
  3. Article must be greater than 1000 words in count.
  4. Any submission must be original and unique, items duplicated will not be accepted. Items that become duplicated will be removed upon discovery.
  5. Your post should not promote any product or service. The post should not present “visit my site” or “check out my product” feel.
  6. We value content written in clear and easy-to-read American English. The content must engage the reader. For this purpose, we will automatically reject any submission with recurring grammar mistakes, misspelling, incorrect use of vocabulary, and for other basic writing problems.
  7. Any links included in the article must be relevant to the content submitted. We review all links to ensure that links don’t point end up pointing to a dead page or irrelevant source.
  8. Text formatting is encouraged; use of bullets, lists and short paragraphs makes reading easier.


  • You must include an up-to-date bio, please include link to your personal website/ blog or social media profile.
  • We reserve the right to accept or reject any submission for any reason.
  • We do not offer any monetary compensation for guest posts.
  • If you submit an idea for a guest post as opposed to actual guest post submission, we will review and contact you if we are interested in your idea. If you do not hear from us within a week after submitting your idea, you may assume we are not interested.
  • If your guest post is accepted, it usually takes between two to three weeks for your guest post to be published. We will write to you if your guest post is not accepted for publication within two weeks of submission so that you can submit it to another blog.
  • If your submission is selected, we reserve the right to modify the content, or update information such as statistical presentation, if necessary.

If you’ve read and agree to all points, please send you submission to admin .{at}.